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 "Adrienne La Valley absolutely nails Lu Ann. Her scene as the recently divorced single mother beauty technician in Red’s Bar and then the final scene as a diligent hard working mother responsible both for her daughter and mother is heartbreaking and filled with subtle, revelatory nuance. She captures every bit of the poignancy and pathos
Preston Jones wrote into the text. She embodies Lu Ann, draws us to her. And we can reflect on our own lost dreams. It’s even more impressive when I learn that she stepped into the role only 9 days before opening when the original lead had to pull out. I respect that what these guys are doing theatrically is the equivalent of a musician mining Americana."
-West Park Press
"His sister, starts out being a real tough cookie and turns out to be quite a marshmellow of a person, LuAnn by the way played by Adrienne LaValley- tremendous, wonderful work, no question."  -Peter Filichia, Broadway Radio
"Adrienne LaValley plays Lu Anne, swinging nicely from the bombastic to the broken."              
- Paul Dervis ArtsFuse
"As the title character, she was tasked with playing three wildly different versions of the same role –  a daunting enough challenge, and one she pulled off to remarkable effect. She made the character I had written come to life... I cannot praise her range of talent enough. Her professionalism, too, was unflagging... In a word, I’d say that her approach to her craft is inspiring."                               - Brian Trent , Rahotep Productions
"I've had the pleasure of working with Adrienne by way of her recurring role as 'Kate' for Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting's National TV Spots.  She's been invited back to shoot 6 pieces total for Ferguson
thanks to her talent, professionalism and demeanor.  In short, she's an absolute joy to work with.  
She continued to delight the client and crew alike, as recently as this past July.
She's confident, mindful, funny and talented. I dare say, she's the perfect blend of what my director, David Butler, and I look for in an actor.  I could go on, but I would end up gushing.               -Lynda Meier,  Butler Films


"Always prepared and never outmatched, Miss LaValley was an asset to the production both in front of and
behind the camera, keeping things moving smoothly with her complete knowledge of the character and the script. I was so happy working with her on 'Adults Only' that I have already discussed casting her in an upcoming feature knowing full well that she will elevate the project in more ways than one."          
-Jason Burns,  Plymouth Rock Creative
"Opponent boasts a cast lead of  Jeremy London, star of television's Party of Five and 7th Heaven, as well as the cult smash Mallrats and WWE superstar Roddy Piper, known for his dominating performance in John Carpenter's science fiction classic 'They Live', taking another stab at alien ass-kicking. The film also features a commanding yet tantalizing performance by newcomer Adrienne LaValley as Linnea Gold, a modern day femme fatale with a biting edge."                  
- Fangoria                                                                                                                                                                                                     _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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