October 2019 Adrienne's full length play 'The Good Father'' will be part of the Dramatist's Guild Footlight series at the historic Paramount Theatre in Peekskill. It's free and open to the public! Tickets here... Eventbright

October 2019 Season 2 of 'The Old Man and The Me' launches October 14th, 2019. This season we take a look at stories of those who love and support family and friends with mental illnesses. 

September 2019 Let her entice you to strap your skis on and 'venture out' in her Winterpark resort spot.

August 2019 Adrienne was a writer in residence at Fresh Ground Pepper's annual BRB retreat. 

June 2019 Al fresco chicken sausage, you say? It's dinner expressco. That's a word. 

March 2019 Adrienne stepped out of the booth and onto stage for Brunch Theatre's premiere of 'Cats, Nibs, Seaweed and Pills'.